Christ to the Bride

Post One
18 March 2021 Worship

Not far (Written 21 Feb 2021)

You are mine, I am yours.
Will I stand back,
arms folded,
while your enemies attack?

I am a jealous lover.
For evil, no hand may touch you.
My plans for you are good,
and what I plan I always do.

Now, sit up and l...
Post One
18 March 2021 Worship

You will see (Written 23 Feb 2021)

You are so busy
with things that will dissolve
that you miss the blessings
I have poured out,
and others that will evolve.

Be still, I say!
Your flesh still races on,
but your heart obeys My voice.
You sit by My feet...
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01 April 2021 Worship

Still, I love you (28 Feb 2021)

Nothing of you
is hidden to Me
I know everything -
your past,
and what’s still to be.

Before Me, you stand naked.
All the splinters of your heart, I know
as they really are, not as they seemed -
Each swearword, each m...
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19 April 2021 Worship

Not like you

My ways are not like yours.
The understanding you gain -
a glimpse of what is real.
Your attempts to figure out
the unseen world, in vain.

You simply cannot grasp
of My love, of my power -
the width, the breadth, the hei...
Post One
25 April 2021 Worship

Evil days

These are dark days you live in.
Bombarded with evil, you are.
So put on all the armor I give
and prepare yourself for the war.

Don’t feel so sorry for yourself -
from such thoughts, nothing to be gained.
Rather think of He...
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03 May 2021 Worship

Strength in weakness

When you know you are weak,
You leave Me room to be strong -
to tame the words you speak
and show you where you’re wrong.

Your heart breaks, your face wet with tears,
as you understand what you have done.
I rush to your sid...
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09 May 2021 Worship

The shaking

 The tremors start.
Vibrations ripple out.
More and more, frequently
and growing in intensity.
They cause a shaking 
of everything.
Now, what used to be hidden
from dark places will be driven.
Post One
13 June 2021 Worship

Passion fire

Passion is the perfume
of the fire that burns,
deep within your soul.
This fire is ignited
when you walk
through the flames.

When you pass through the flames,
everything that is not of Me,
is burnt up.
In the furna...
Post One
01 October 2021 Worship

Painful Blessing

Painful the pressing, I know.
Purposeful, too, though.
You want a pure heart,
ask to see My face.
So, endure the pain
that brings you gain.

You feel despair,
naked, stripped bare,
as you realize your need
to be clo...