Secrets brought to light
Dreams - Sep 30, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

Secrets brought to light

I’m in a crowded sports bar, sitting at one table, upstairs. Downstairs, a band plays. The band is two Caucasian ‘Boer’ men, dressed in black bodysuits painted with glow-in-the-dark skeletons, and a black singing French bulldog. The singing dog intrigues the crowd. I snap some pictures.

Next, I’m a waitress, carrying a tray between the tables. I go downstairs, outside to the back, to the army tents there, to visit my brother. As I’m about to enter the tent, the band's two men pass by me. The lettering of the badge on the shoulder of the man closest to me read ‘Kill the Boer’. Both men look at me, wink, and make that “I’ll shoot you” gesture with their hands.
Inside the army tent, I feel at home and walk with confidence, like I belong there.

A soldier comes running into the tent and blares, “We are at war! If any of you are overweight, you better shed those extra kilos now. Shipping out to the front, tonight. The fight’s going to be extra tough for you if you’re overweight.”

Shock and panic are on the soldiers’ faces. Most of them had only arrived that same day. They have had no training and they already have to ship out to battle.

One soldier seems excited, though. He runs to get his parachute. It’s a multi-colored one—red, blue, and white, like the French flag.
I frown at him. “Don’t you think you are going to draw too much attention to yourself with that bright parachute?”

South Africa (and the world) is a brew-pot, boiling, stirring. There’s a spirit of spectatorship everywhere—in the world, also in the church. People find the words of leadership entertaining, even when a certain group of people is threatened with genocide. These words are generated, electronic, fake, and bring death. Still, we soak them up, for they bring a momentary jolt of excitement to our dreary existence. Leadership is going to speak more and more Anti-christian propaganda and will implement laws to annihilate the Christian identity. Following this, some religious people will turn on true Christians.

Among the people, there is a ‘ratting spirit’. Many dark secrets come to light–not only from the present time, but shocking revelations from the past. This distracts attention away from the stirring uprising (similar to the French Revolution). People are overburdened with taxes, and then, the final straw—another tax. Driven by the primal need for food and disgruntlement with poverty, people resort to violence. Some yearn for revolution/civil war. But no one expects the absolute devastation war will bring.

*Note: As I am Afrikaans, sometimes when I dream of the ‘Boer’ people, the symbol refers to ‘my people’, which is all Christians of all races. I do not imply that the ‘Boer’ people are all Christians or a race specially chosen by God. Among the ‘Boer’ people, there certainly are Christians, just as there are Christians among other race groups across the world.

Our hope:
In the Bible, God reveals the birth pains of the end. Of those birth pains are rumors of wars and wars. He also warns us of the spiritual war we are in. None of what we go through is a surprise to God. Rather, He has plans and executes them, while up-heaving the plans of kings and governments.
We are not people of the night. When we live in relationship with God, He prepares our hearts for what He is about to do in our lives and in the world. God’s angels are with us, to protect us and guide us to the place He has prepared.

We should be ready when the world sings “death to the Christian”. Let us stop being self-consumed. Trust the Lord, submit to Him, and serve as He calls us to. We should discipline our flesh, prepare to run with endurance, to the finish line, to win the prize.

Scripture reference:
As Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him in private. “Tell us when all this will be,” they asked, “and what will show that it is the time for your coming and the end of the age.” Jesus answered, “Watch out and do not let anyone fool you. Many men, claiming to speak for me, will come and say, ‘I am the Messiah!’ and they will fool many people. You are going to hear the noise of battles close by and the news of battles far away, but do not worry. Such things must happen, but they do not mean that the end has come. Countries will fight with each other; kingdoms will attack one another. There will be famines and earthquakes everywhere. All these things are like the first pains of childbirth. “Then you will be arrested and handed over to be punished and be killed. Everyone will hate you because of me. Many will give up their faith; they will betray one another and hate one another. Then, many false prophets will appear and fool many people. Such will be the spread of evil that many people’s love will grow cold. But whoever holds out to the end will be saved. And this Good News about the Kingdom will be preached through all the world for a witness to all people; and then the end will come.
(Mat 24:3-14)

Father God, help us discipline our flesh, and to train like athletes who want to win the race. Help us fear no one, but You. Draw our eyes back onto You, oh God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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