Here I share random thoughts, poems, and stories - about pretty much anything through which God has spoken to or touched me. Be it through a vision, a song, a movie, our garden, people, or life in general.  

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01 April 2021 Scribblings

To be a princess (Nov 2016)

I watched a repeat broadcast of 'The Princess Diaries' with my mom. Like the previous times I’ve seen it, I quickly slipped into the same blissful relaxation the movie induced in me before. But this time, I got more out of watching the movie tha...
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02 April 2021 Scribblings

White bunny - a sign?

I was strolling through our garden with our dogs when I saw a white ball of fluff hopping around the corner of the house. My heart skipped a beat. Was it what I thought? At once, I swept our chihuahua, Sheila, up under my arms, called our dachsh...
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02 April 2021 Scribblings

Headline encourages (6 Sep 2020)

The heading of one of the Benoni City Times’ articles caught my eye. ‘Faith (103) beats COVID’.
I read the article and was happy for Faith that she recovered. But because I was consumed with worry while I awaited the results of a biopsy I had...
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04 July 2021 Scribblings

The bride who met her husband online

A parable
There was a woman who met her husband online. She got to know him from his photos, the messages he sent her, their phone calls, and what others said about him. He was the king of another country, and there was plent...