Headline encourages (6 Sep 2020)
Scribblings - Apr 2, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

Headline encourages (6 Sep 2020)

The heading of one of the Benoni City Times’ articles caught my eye. ‘Faith (103) beats COVID’.
I read the article and was happy for Faith that she recovered. But because I was consumed with worry while I awaited the results of a biopsy I had done a week before, I thought no more of it.

Until the following morning.
God pulled the memory of that power-headline again to the forefront of my mind. This time, the number, 103, stood out. Next, part of a psalm I have memorized, years ago, dropped into my heart. I recognized it as Psalm 103!

‘Praise the Lord, all my soul, and do not forget any of his benefits. He forgives all my sins, and heal all my diseases. He keeps me from the grave and blesses me with love and mercy. He fills my life with good things, so that I stay young and strong like an eagle.’

In that moment, God wiped the cobwebs of worry from my mind and encouraged me to endure in faith. I had to remember all his benefits and hold on to them. He will give me victory. In fact, it was already old news – He has already won the victory. It is finished!

However, I also understood that my victory, my healing, might not come in the way I thought it would. Because when Jesus came into the world, He was not born in a palace, and didn’t win a military war. Instead He was born in a manger, and died on a cross. And so, many missed the miracle of his resurrection.
God prepared my heart to enjoy all his benefits, to recognize the daily victories He gives, and to have peace in the assurance of my eternal victory. No matter what the result of the biopsy might be. Or what other storms I have to go through in this world.

Thank you, Lord!

Father God, thank you for the victory You won at the cross. By the power of the Holy Spirit, remind us of all that You have said. Help us recognize and value all the benefits we enjoy, because we are yours. Especially when we are experiencing the storms of life, Lord God, let Your light break through the dark clouds, and light up our way. Command the chaotic waters within us, to be still. And please heal everyone that is sick. Heal me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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