Testimonies - Apr 12, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green


I was twenty-two and worked at a printing company in Johannesburg, half-an-hour’s drive with the N12 from where I stayed (my parent’s home), in Benoni. I’ve only had my car for a year and could count the times I’ve driven in rain, on one hand. And then a day arrived when the sky was torn open and water was gushing down on the earth in rivers, and I had to drive to work, in that!

I took my usual route through Benoni town towards the Tom Jones on-ramp. While I waited at one of the many red traffic lights on the way, I saw in my rear-view mirror, a traffic police car, two cars behind me. Immediately I felt (even more) nervous. I had no idea that a few minutes later I would thank God for that traffic police car.

On the N12, I got stuck in the left lane behind a crawling lorry. I saw a gap in the middle-lane traffic and took it. But I had just made it out from behind that lorry, when it swerved into the middle lane, right in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and my car shot forward as if it has landed on a sheet of ice. What was happening? Did I put my foot on the petrol by mistake? I braked harder.

My car started spinning. So fast! Yet I saw it all in slow motion - the hundred and eighty degrees across three lanes of peak traffic, the cement barrier coming closer and closer...With my car’s nose right up against the barrier, facing the oncoming traffic, I stopped.

I was shaking. Someone was at my door. A traffic officer.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“I - I don’t know,” I said.
“Did you hit anything?”
“I – I’m not sure. Don’t think so…”
The traffic officer’s face softened. “So, you’re okay.”
I nodded, and although my body was still shaking, I relaxed my grip on the steering wheel.
“Where are you going to?” the officer asked.
“To work. In Bedfordview.” Even my voice trembled.
“Come, I’ll drive you,” he said, and opened my door. I got out, he slid in behind the steering wheel, and I got back in, on the passenger side.
Only as we pulled away did I notice that the traffic officer’s partner was busy regulating the traffic.

A miracle
It was a miracle that I didn’t make an accident. And that none of the other cars collided. Before I could ask for help, God already provided it. Not only did he save me from certain destruction, He also provided for me, after the shock of it all, by letting the traffic officer drive me to work.

At the time of this near-accident, I was not yet a born-again Christian. The incident shook me, but it was only years later, after I had been reborn, that I realized the significance of what happened that day. That it was God that saved me.

Deeper meaning
Today, as I think of that day again, I notice a deeper message hidden in that near-accident. God showed me that He knows my tomorrow, and that He knows me. He has planned and prepared for every detail of my life, in advance. Even though I did not deserve anything from Him, He assigned an angel to protect and to guide me to the place He has prepared for me.

"I will send an angel ahead of you to protect you as you travel and to bring you to the place which I have prepared. Pay attention to him and obey him. Do not rebel against him, for I have sent him, and he will not pardon such rebellion. But if you obey him and do everything I command, I will fight against all your enemies.
(Exo 23:20-22)

Even before they finish praying to me, I will answer their prayers.
(Isa 65:24)

Father God, please give all your children traveling mercies. Keep us safe on the roads. And keep us safe on our life-journeys with You. Send your angels out to protect and guide each one of us, to ensure that we walk the narrow road, following after You. God, we thank You for the assurance that You know everything - that before we even ask, You already sent the answer. Thank you, that we are known by You. We surrender our lives to You, oh God. Take the wheel, bring us to the place You have prepared for us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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