A good-bad day
Worship - May 3, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

A good-bad day

In my inbox, two emails -
a problem I can’t solve, but must.
Instantly I’m off the rails,
yet You whisper, “Trust!”

My lips, an angel guards.
Your Spirit guides my mind
through flaming enemy darts
to a solution, I couldn’t find.

Instead of defeat, I taste victory.
Only You could turn this around.
I know, because of our history.
Now, in my heart a joyous sound.

Lord Jesus, you teach me how
to do things when I have no clue.
Before You, my heart must bow -
You are light, and love, and true.

To you, Jesus, goes all my praise!
You are my everything, my go-to
on good, and good-bad days.
My life, my joy, belongs to You.

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