Grateful (7 Apr 2017)
Worship - Mar 30, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

Grateful (7 Apr 2017)

My dull mind, the thought penetrates -
it is God's hand at work
when I wake in a new day,
with no trauma or crime,
no crushing crisis that
overnight has come my way.
I am aware I may wake,
with my life turned upside down,
or I may even find I didn’t get
another breath to take.
Every day,
that I make it through unscathed,
another miracle!
I am amazed…

In my Daddy's hands, I am.
High above the world, his thoughts are!
Outside my imagination, He dreams up a plan
woven with silver thread, shining like a star.
My life I lose,
His dreams I choose.
Spectacular is life in You, my Lord.
I must still enter and explore,
such vast treasure, I could never get bored.
Blessed beyond measure I am one You adore.

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