Is this Your way?
Worship - Apr 19, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

Is this Your way?

Early morning I open the door.
Four Hadeda’s take flight.
I gasp and stare after them,
my heart beating from the fright.

I sense a difficult day ahead,
so extra prayers I say.
Still, I am attacked!
“Lord, is this Your way?

Why do You let them near?
My heart is torn!
I don’t understand,
I feel so forlorn.”

My eyes on the pain caused,
overcome with fear and doubt.
Blind to Your deliverance
and what this all was about.

Despite my confusion,
I quickly run to You.
You are my heavenly Father -
what else can I do?

My heart remains a chaotic mess,
as You draw me into your embrace.
Then such peace, such joy overcome
me here, with You, in the secret place.

You whisper in my heart,
“Take a step back, then you will see,
everything I do according to My plan
to bring forth from you, a fruitful tree.

For a season you may feel destroyed,
but soon from you new life will sprout.
Your heart will blossom and you’ll know -
this is what this all was about.”

Though Your voice fades away,
I stay aware of Your presence.
Hope arises afresh in my heart,
and I smell Your holy fragrance.

My troubles fade away
as I bask in Your love
“Lord, can I forever stay here,
dancing with You, above?”

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