More and more
Worship - May 15, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

More and more

You open my eyes,
more and more.
I see Your hand in my life,
more and more.
I recognize your guidance,
more and more.

You are here with me -
tangibly present in my life,
active all the time, 
You are working on my behalf.
I see Your hand moving,
directing the course of my days.
You are God,
and You love me -
I know it,
more and more.

I praise You, Lord!
Blessed am I – You’re always with me.
I don’t need to fight my own battles.
You go before me,
You fight for me.
You, and heaven’s armies.
I am victorious, 
more and more.

Thank you, Lord!
I know You are busy
doing what must be done,
to bring me to the place
You’ve prepared for me.
I know You are directing me,
to take the steps
that will lead me there.
I shall follow You,
more and more.

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