Not far (Written 21 Feb 2021)
Worship - Mar 18, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

Not far (Written 21 Feb 2021)

You are mine, I am yours.
Will I stand back,
arms folded,
while your enemies attack?

I am a jealous lover.
For evil, no hand may touch you.
My plans for you are good,
and what I plan I always do.

Now, sit up and listen -
the battle is for your mind.
Fight your thoughts,
and peace you will find.

You must let me
renew your mind,
to be enlightened,
no longer blind.

Despite what the world thinks,
do not let your thoughts run
along the easy paths,
where enemy-breath stinks.

In this dark world
you don’t belong -
your real home, Heaven,
is your heart’s song.

For now in this world,
yet not of it, you are.
My power knows no limit,
Heaven’s never far.

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