Not like you
Worship - Apr 19, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

Not like you

My ways are not like yours.
The understanding you gain -
a glimpse of what is real.
Your attempts to figure out
the unseen world, in vain.

You simply cannot grasp
of My love, of my power -
the width, the breadth, the height.
The full picture will let you cower!

Yet, by My Spirit, I enable and allow
you to search My secrets out.
With you, I wish to share My heart,
so I whisper in your soul, sometimes shout.

Do you hear Me, my child?
Be still, then you might
see it’s not necessary
for you to fight.

Already you have the victory.
At the cross, I have won.
When I breathed out my last,
I cried, “It is done!”

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