Painful Blessing
Worship - Oct 1, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

Painful Blessing

Painful the pressing, I know.
Purposeful, too, though.
You want a pure heart,
ask to see My face.
So, endure the pain
that brings you gain.

You feel despair,
naked, stripped bare,
as you realize your need
to be clothed by Me.
In flawless linen, white,
you be My beautiful bride.

Something precious and rare
the making of, with care,
hand-in-hand with pain.
Look high and low—
nowhere, you will find
value of a sweatless kind.

The world, now that being said,
gives you fake pearls, fake bread.
These, mass-produced, cost less,
soon pain’s worth depreciates
But backbone lacks the fakes,
the upright under pressure bakes.

I am God and do I not know
what is good for you to go
through life and enter in,
to walk the narrow way.
Showing you, My kindness
I lead you to repentance.

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