Still, I love you  (28 Feb 2021)
Worship - Mar 31, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

Still, I love you (28 Feb 2021)

Nothing of you
is hidden to Me
I know everything -
your past,
and what’s still to be.

Before Me, you stand naked.
All the splinters of your heart, I know
as they really are, not as they seemed -
Each swearword, each murderous thought,
each nasty, envious deviousness of you -
I see, I know, and I have redeemed.

My blood was spilled -
enough it was for you.
Don’t believe that anyone,
My work can outdo.

Not a soul under the sun,
not any being, has more power -
than the Creator of the world, the One,
who made every star and every flower.

And you, 
are My child,
My beloved, 
My bride.

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