Strength in weakness
Worship - May 3, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

Strength in weakness

When you know you are weak,
You leave Me room to be strong -
to tame the words you speak
and show you where you’re wrong.

Your heart breaks, your face wet with tears,
as you understand what you have done.
I rush to your side, destroy all your fears,
as I remind you, you have already won.

You only see a tiny sliver
of what your life is about.
In Me, you must trust to deliver
you to the peak of your mount.

So, think of what I’ve done before.
Those memories, your arrows are,
to strengthen your soul’s core,
when light, when hope, seem so far.

Soon, what you can’t see will become
so real, it - you will be able to taste.
That day, all your doubts will succumb -
no part of your journey there, a waste.

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