The shaking
Worship - May 9, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

The shaking

 The tremors start.
Vibrations ripple out.
More and more, frequently
and growing in intensity.
They cause a shaking 
of everything.
Now, what used to be hidden
from dark places will be driven.
Terrifying things are happening,
but you are not surprised.
For this day, I have prepared you -
you’re ready, you know what to do.
But the world is shocked.
All feel unsafe, insecure.
Their own loved ones, they mistrust.
And trembling, they groan, “This is unjust!”
Feel it in the air – the anxiety and fear.
As people scramble to secure,
To free them, faster, I break things down -
give them a chance to win Life’s crown.
Because people only question
the way they live, their purpose -
for their Only Hope, they only search,
when they fall from their lofty perch.
Don’t have high hopes for this world.
Most will glare at the sky and curse God.
Their own gods, they want to be -
until the end, when they’ll finally see.
But you - keep your eyes on mine,
see My love reflected in them.
Remember, as the earth tears open,
I told you, these things must happen.

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