Weary words of praise (21 Feb 2021)
Worship - Apr 2, 2021 Author: Jeanette Green

Weary words of praise (21 Feb 2021)

Father God,
thank you.
The sun rose again,
I am alive
and You live in me.
But Father,
I don’t know 
what to pray.

For healing?
For provision?
For a miracle?
For You!

God, I am desperate,
and ashamed 
that I am.
I know You have me in your hand,
but instead, I listen to lies.
Why do I stare at crashing waves
and miss the calm in Your eyes?

Why do I beg, and beg,
and by the minute
despair more,
when You carry me in your heart
and bring me to a peaceful shore?

The doves sing their morning praise.
Hearing them, I remember
I am abundantly blessed
You are with me, 
I am loved.

Why am I 
so stressed?

Underneath my racing heart
Your peace is my foundation -
Your joy, my strength;
Your promise, my hope.

Eternal blessings, 
I thank You for.
Hereafter my stressings,
will be no more.

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