Want to begin a relationship with Jesus?


Want to begin a relationship with Jesus?

God has drawn you towards this moment in your life, where you are ready to have a relationship with Him. I believe that is why you are here, now.

Throughout your life, He has shone His light into your heart, lead you to discover all humanity’s sinfulness, especially your own. Sin has chiseled out a pit between you and God, and you ended up at the bottom of that pit. You couldn’t drag yourself up out of the darkness. You couldn’t be the good person you wanted to be, the person you always thought you were. Maybe you quit trying. You might have felt an emptiness inside yourself, which didn’t go away no matter how hard you tried to fill it with all kinds of things.

But now light penetrates right to the bottom of the pit you find yourself in, lights up a narrow pathway, back to God. Good news! That void in your heart can be filled, only by Him, who made you to be in relationship with himself. Because God purchased your soul from Death! He was born in a human body, as Jesus Christ, lived in this world, was tempted as we are, and yet He did not sin. He suffered, yet He was obedient even to death. And so He conquered sin, and rose, victorious. Through His blood that was spilled at the cross, you can be saved. That is if the Holy Spirit enables you to believe in Jesus, and you grasp the chance extended to you with both hands.

When you ask God to forgive your sins, to save your soul, and to bring you back into right standing with Him, you become His. Your life is no longer your own. There are no half-measures. Once you accept His salvation, you embark on a lifelong journey of discovering Him. He brings you onto the narrow path, which is difficult and lonely to travel down. And only if you endure to the end of it, right up to the last breath of your life, will you inherit the crown of life that He keeps for you in heaven.

Life will not go all smooth-sailing for you, once you belong to Jesus. On the contrary, Jesus promises that his followers, like Himself, will suffer in this world. Through suffering, Jesus learned obedience, and so must you and I. However, Jesus urges us to take heart – because He has overcome the world. We do not suffer alone, we do not suffer without purpose, and throughout it all, God pours His peace and joy into our hearts.

Weigh up the costs. And afterward, if you still feel God tug at the strings of your heart, and you cannot resist – surrender to Him.

Then chat to Him. You might not be able to see Him with your physical eyes, but He is your Creator, your Father, your Friend. Tell Him everything – about the emptiness you feel inside, the horror you feel about some of the things you have done. Then ask Him to forgive you, to come live in your heart, to teach you to know His voice, to reveal Himself to you through the Bible.

You might feel a huge burden lift from your shoulders, instantly. Or it may happen gradually, that you feel lighter, filled. No matter how you feel, or what you experience in your life – God has placed your feet on the road of the cross, you have taken the first step.
Trust Him to fulfill the good work He has started in you. And listen to your conscience, obey the gentle nudges of the Holy Spirit to do something different to what you were used to, to act differently to what the world tells you to.

You’ve taken the first step on the narrow road, but how do you stay on it?

Once you surrender to God, He gives you His helper – the Holy Spirit that comes and lives in you. The Holy Spirit is your teacher, your counselor, your comforter. God engraves His Word into your heart, by the power of the Holy Spirit. And by the light flowing from that Word inside of you, He guides your every step, leads you into His perfect will for your life. If you have a Bible (or can get one), you have a treasure. Devour it, and chat to God about what you read. You will have many questions, but God will give you wisdom and understanding if you ask for it.

Part of Christ’s body?

You have become part of Christ’s body, part of His family. God might guide you to a church that meets in a physical church building, and bring spiritual mentors into your life, to help you mature as a disciple of Jesus. However, you might start your journey with Christ feeling isolated, either because of the persecution of the church that is rapidly spreading around the globe or because of your personal circumstances. Either way, whether you have a physical connection, or not, you are connected in the spirit to the vast family of God. And no matter your circumstances, you have gained one relationship that is worth more than any other relationship, worth more than any possessions or experiences you may have in life. As you seek Him, He will reveal himself to you. He will lead you to discover your spiritual gifts and his purpose for your life. And being your Father, He will guide you, by disciplining and testing you.

God had planned for you to belong to Him before time began. So He called you, and by the grace you received, you surrendered to Him. Through the blood Christ poured out for you, you became washed white as snow, and are now in right standing with God.

Expect His hands to be constantly on you, shaping and forming you, purifying you. The purifying process can be intense, painful. But as you share in Christ’s suffering, you will share in his eternal glory. The deep joy poured into your soul through the promise of eternity with Christ, far outweighs the hardships of walking the narrow road.

Jesus knows and understands all you go through. And just before he was crucified, He prayed for all his disciples, including me and you. If you have access to a bible, read the gospel of John, chapter 17.

I trust your relationship with Jesus will develop and grow into the best thing, the one thing you would trade for nothing else. That God will bring family in Christ into your life, for you to share your journey of faith with. And most importantly that you will run this race, end-out, no matter how tough it gets.

Your new sister in Christ, Jeanette